Chief executives of Ombudsman Office conduct on-site reception in Snezhnoe

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On 22 May, chief executives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an on-site reception of citizens in Administration of Snezhnoe.

At the on-site reception, the following issues were raised: assistance in receiving humanitarian aid and medical services, restoration of housing destroyed in hostilities, paying utility arrears, unlawful persecution, a court proceeding, and deprivation of parental rights.

Representatives of Ombudsman Office, the main human rights institution, gave advice on the above-mentioned issues and provided a detailed clarification of the norms of the current legislation. Four written appeals from citizens have been accepted for further consideration by the DPR Ombudsman within her competence.

The next on-site reception by chief executives of the Human Rights Ombudsman Office is scheduled for 29 May, in Enakievo.