Certain road traffic issues requiring agreement of State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate

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We draw the attention of drivers that training in driving vehicles, transportation of dangerous goods by road and other individual issues require strict compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Thus, in accordance with Clause 32.1. of the DPR Traffic rules the following is coordinated with the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate:

– routes and a list of roads on which driving training can be carried out;

– conditions and procedure for the movement of columns with more than 5 motor vehicles;

– rules, conditions, modes and routes of road transport of dangerous goods, equipment and condition of vehicles used for this, conditions for escorting and covering the movement of large, heavy vehicles, schemes, characteristics of routes and timetables of route vehicles;

– movement of vehicles with or without cargo, the dimensions of which exceed at least one of the parameters specified in paragraph 22.5 of the DPR Traffic Rules;

– the procedure for towing two or more vehicles;

– technical requirements, design and installation on vehicles of special sound and light signalling devices (type “Siren”, flashing beacon, etc.), light indicators and identification marks of emergency vehicles, application of colour schemes and inscriptions of operational and special vehicles services, as well as the placement of advertisements and the application of white stripes at an angle on the outer side surfaces of vehicles;

– re-equipment of vehicles;

– carrying out any work on highways, streets and railway crossings;

– operation of road trains with two or more trailers;

– placement within the right-of-way of highways or red lines of city streets and roads and their artificial structures of road service objects, small architectural forms, kiosks, pavilions, mobile trade points, advertising media, posters, information panels that are not provided for by the state standard of road direction signs, as well as in adjacent territories, in buildings, structures – administrative premises of enterprises, institutions and organizations, places of trade and provision of services.

It should be reminded that for the appropriate approval, you should apply in advance to the departments of the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate serving the territories in which it is planned to carry out the activities that is subject to approval.