Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The body of the captured British mercenary Paul Ury, who died on July 10 of this year due to chronic diseases in one of the institutions of the penitentiary system of the Republic, was recently transferred to Ukraine. In the future, relatives will be able to take him home for burial.

I note that almost two months have passed since international organizations, official representatives of Great Britain and Ukraine were informed of the fact of the death of this citizen. While our opponents were thinking over their actions in this situation, the corpse was in one of the morgues in Donetsk.

In accordance with the established procedure, a forensic medical examination was carried out. Experts of the Republican Bureau of Forensic Medicine stated natural death due to serious chronic diseases, including the respiratory system, kidney and cardiovascular system. No intravital injuries were found on the body of the deceased. This data is documented by the act of the forensic examination of the corpse and confirmed by photographic materials.

Moreover, given the resonance of the incident, the conclusions of Forensic Medicine, as well as the very fact of the death of a captured foreign citizen, were immediately announced publicly.

In this regard, the statements of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytriy Lubinets about the alleged presence of signs of torture on the body of Paul Ury look like a provocation. Of course, it can be assumed that the new Ukrainian Ombudsman, having no relevant knowledge in the field of medicine, mistakenly called cadaveric changes traces of violence. However, in any case, such comments do not make him honours. I strongly recommend that the Ukrainian human rights activist think over every word and carefully check the information. Otherwise, he risks repeating the fate of his predecessor, who became famous for spreading fakes.