The DPR Ombudsman’s Office provides accommodation for citizens

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Due to the massive shelling against the residential area of the Donetsk People’s Republic by Ukrainian forces, evacuation of civilians was carried out. As a result of joint work of the Ombudsman’s Office and Ministry for Emergency Situations, 103 persons, including 32 children, had been evacuated and accommodated throughout the Republic between 31.01.2017 and 02.02.2017. Among them there were 63 persons, including 20 children, who had been accommodated in temporary accommodation centers of the Ombudsman.

As a result of active warfare many citizens address to the Ombudsman’s Office by themselves in order to receive a referral for accommodation. Thus, 51 persons, including 16 children, had been accommodated within the period of 31.01.2017 – 02.02.2017.

Therefore, 154 civilians (including 48 children) were forced to leave their homes and move to temporary accommodation throughout the DPR due to the recent fighting. 114 of them (including 36 children) were accommodated by the Ombudsman’s Office.