7 victims reported to the DPR Ombudsman Office


Between 30 March and 5 April 2018, 7 persons sustained injuries in the territory of the DPR as a result of armed aggression of the Ukrainian side. Among them, there are 6 DPR servicemen and one civilian, one DPR serviceman died.

On April 3, a man of 46 years old sustained a wound of the right tibia as a result of a landmine explosion in the field in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk. Earlier, on March 30, as a result of armed provocation by Ukrainian forces in Novoazovsk region, a DPR serviceman born in 1979 sustained a penetrating wound.

Also, 5 DPR servicemen sustained shrapnel wounds as a result of hostilities in Debaltsevo. Between January 1 and April 5, 2018, 54 persons sustained injuries of various severities in the territory of the DPR. Among them, there were 43 DPR servicemen, 7 civilian men, and 4 civilian women. 33 persons died, including 31 DPR servicemen and 2 civilians. Since the beginning of the armed conflict, 4600 persons died. Among them, there are 606 women and 3994 men, including 76 children under eighteen.