3 September – Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism


The day of mourning is in the Russian Federation today. There was the terrifying tragedy on this day in 2004 in North Ossetia. More than 300 people, most of them children, died as a result of the terrorist attack on the school in the city of Beslan.

It should be reminded that on 1 September 2004 a group of terrorists captured 1128 civilians, who have come on a holiday dedicated to the beginning of a new school year in the school №1 of Beslan. The majority of hostages was pupils, their parents and relatives, and also teachers. Defenseless people were kept in a mined gym of the school for almost three days. On 3 September explosions with the further fire were by day in this place. The storming was held. 334 people, among them 186 children became victims of the terrorist act in Beslan. Also, soldiers of special subdivisions, staff members of MES and police were among killed people. More about 800 people sustained injures.

This terrorist attack is one of the most large-scale and inhuman in the history of modern Russia. It united country with common grief and people still feel pain in their hearts. The Day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism was established by the federal law “On the Days of Military Honour of Russia” in memory of the victims of terrifying events in Beslan and other terrorist attacks. From 2005 it takes place on the 3rd of September annually.

People in Russia on this day wish to pay a well-deserved tribute to the victims of terrorist acts, and also to officers of power and operational structures, who died in the course of rescue operations. There are organizing of mourning and patriotic actions in Russian cities have been subjected to terrorist attacks. In educational institutions, lectures are given on the problems of crimes against humanity and methods of combating them. The thematic expositions about the horror of terror work in museums. The whole civilized world mourns together with Russia.

It should be noted that the federal law “On countering terrorism” was adopted in Russia. Such legal act defines the notion of “terrorism” as an ideology of violence and a practice of interaction on taking a decision by public authorities, local authorities or international organizations, connected with intimidation of violence and (or) other forms of illegal enforced actions.

The word “terror” is translated from Latin as “fright”, “fear” and the most exact synonyms of it are “violence”, “threatening”, “intimidation”.