3 complaints on arrest received by DPR Ombudsman Office

Detention News

Between 12 and 15 February, the Ombudsman Office received three complaints on arrest of DPR supporters by the Ukrainian side, one appeal on a missing person.

In January 2018, a man born in 1964 was detained in Konstantinovka, another two men were detained last year in Kiev and Zaporozhie. All of them were accused of cooperation with DPR supporters.

One more appeal, received by the Ombudsman Office, was about a man born in 1976, who went missing on March 2015 in Bugas settlement.

Based on the updated figures, 305 persons are held by the Ukrainian side, including 84 of those whose presence on the territory of Ukraine had been confirmed; 221 persons, whose whereabouts are unknown or are being clarified by the Ukrainian side. 445 persons are considered missing. Hypothetically, they might be in Ukrainian captivity.