21 September – International Day of Russian Solidarity


The Russian people have always been famous for its courage, strong will and desire to respect the inviolability of national and family ties. Life and fate scattered the descendants of the valiant and hospitable ancient Slavs to the four corners of the Earth but even this fact did not become an obstacle to the unification of the Russian people.

Annually, starting from 2010, on September 21, World Day of Russian Unity is celebrated. This holiday is not official, but the idea to celebrate it was supported by representatives of the Russian diaspora and admirers of Russian culture in many countries.

The holiday was established in order to preserve the ethnocultural identity of the Russian people and its positive national identity. Its fundamental tasks are the unification of the entire Russian world, the establishment of interaction between Russian communities, the development of the Russian language and literature, and the preservation of ethnic, historical and cultural values. Thus, the holiday is called to unite the Russians in the interests of creating a powerful spiritual, cultural, intellectual and economic Russian community in the world.

This “young” holiday is gaining momentum each year. On this Day, festivals, meetings of cultural figures and exhibitions take place around the world as part of the celebration. All events are usually devoted to a particular topic: motherhood, Russian language, the history of Russia, brotherhood and unity.

The Russian world is a world of people who are committed to the unique Russian culture, traditions, way of life, system of thinking and readiness for self-sacrifice. This is the world of people who are naturally endowed with a sense of unity.