20 DPR residents wounded within two weeks


Despite all the agreements reached with the Ukrainian side, the peaceful population of the Donetsk People’s Republic continues to suffer from daily shelling. The front-line settlements remain the target for armed attacks by Ukrainian forces.

Between 4 and 17 May 2018, 20 people, including 11 DPR servicemen, 2 civilian women, 6 civilian men and a child born in 2002, were wounded as a result of continuous shelling. Within the specified period 8 people died, including 7 DPR servicemen and one civilian woman, who died as a result of shelling in Gorlovka of 16 March by Ukrainian forces.

Since the beginning of 2018, 128 people sustained wounds as a result of hostilities, including 83 DPR servicemen, 29 civilian men, 15 civilian women and one underage child. 59 people died, including 51 servicemen, 6 civilian men and two civilian women.

Since the beginning of the conflict, 4626 persons died in the DPR: 608 women and 4018 men, including 76 children.