15 September – International Day of Democracy


International Day of Democracy is held annually on 15 September, based on the resolution of the UN General Assembly No. A/RES/62/7 dated 13 December 2007. In 2021, the date is celebrated for the 14th time.

Over the long years of evolution, human society has used various forms and methods of self-organization and management, having developed a whole variety of political systems and regimes. Through trial and error, people came to the conclusion that power must be distributed and used strictly in the interests of the majority and for its benefit. This is a very simplified formulation of the democratic regime (DR) of self-government, which literally translated from ancient Greek and means “the power of the people.” However, modern political scientists still find it difficult to outline a more or less clear model of a democratic state, but there are a number of signs that allow it (DR) to be determined. One of the priority tasks of this political system is to prevent and avoid abuse of power.

However, the current state of affairs in the world political arena testifies to the need to constantly focus on the problems of establishing democracy in various countries. In order to support the efforts of governments to consolidate and develop the power of the people, this international holiday was proclaimed.

The International Day of Democracy is a good occasion to pay attention to the state of democracy in the world. Democracy is not only a goal, but also a process, and only with the full participation and support of the international community, state authorities, society and individual citizens, the ideals of democracy can be realized for every person in every part of the world.