15 persons apply to Ombudsman Office for assistance in temporary accommodation


With the outbreak of the armed conflict in Donbass, many peaceful citizens had to flee their homes to save their lives and the lives of their relatives. In the conditions of the armed conflict, citizens of the Republic need state support, so 63 temporary accommodation centres have been opened in the DPR, and 11 of them are administered by the Ombudsman Office.

Between 17 and 23 March 2018, 15 persons have applied to the Ombudsman’s Office on the issues related to internally displaced persons. 3 of them received referrals for temporary accommodation in Donetsk and Khartsysk.

Currently, 1221 IDPs live in the TACs of the Ombudsman Office, including 225 underage children.

Since the beginning of the conflict 5361 referrals for temporary accommodation have been issued, 118 of them – in 2018.