137 displaced persons and former prisoners received food packages and hygiene kits

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On 16 May, Office of DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova together with ICRC helped people under its wardship – former prisoners of war and displaced persons. 137 persons received food packages and hygiene kits. The food packages included canned food, sunflower oil, macaroni, flour, and buckwheat. Hygiene kits included razor and hygiene products.

A 21-year-old former prisoner Anna, who lived in Avdeyevka, is holding her four-month-old son Vanya. She and her grandmother came here for humanitarian aid.

– This is the second time I receive humanitarian relief from the ICRC, – the woman says. – It’s a significant support for me. Now I have basic products for two months.

– I spent seven months in captivity, – she recalls. – After holding me two weeks in a basement they put me to remand prison of Mariupol. On 3 December 2015, they released me and gave a two-year suspended sentence. So, I was at large, but I couldn’t leave Mariupol.

Then Anna met a citizen of Mariupol Ivan – a father of her child. ON 29 December 2017 the woman came to Donetsk – to be next to her mother.

Анна с сыном и бабушкой Фото: Роман ПОБЕРЕЖНЮК

Now Anya lives in a sanatorium “Shakhtyorskiye zori”, located on Proletarskiy district of Donetsk, which is a Temporary Accommodation Centre (TAC) for displaced persons and former prisoners. She is going to visit Ivan in Mariupol to register him as a father of her child.

All former prisoners and displaced persons are expected to receive humanitarian relief soon. Staffs of DPR Ombudsman Office and ICRC will visit all TACs where displaced persons and persons released from Ukrainian captivity live.

В ближайшее время все бывшие пленники и переселенцы получат гуманитарную помощь Фото: Роман ПОБЕРЕЖНЮК

Currently, 1220 IDPs, including 226 children, live in TACs of the Ombudsman Office. Since the beginning of the conflict 5374 referrals for temporary accommodation have been issued. Of them, 131 – in 2018. Largely, they are people who lost their homes due to hostilities, as well as people, whose homes are situated in unsafe areas and those persecuted for political reasons in Ukraine.

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a humanitarian organization carrying out its activities around the world, based on the principle of neutrality and impartiality. It provides protection and assistance to victims of armed conflicts and internal unrest. The first International Conference of the International Committee of the Red Cross was held in 1864. The headquarters of the ICRC is in Geneva.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda