11 September – World First Aid Day


Annually, since 2000, World First Aid Day is celebrated in many countries on the second Saturday in September. It was initiated by national organizations – members of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The purpose of providing first aid is to provide the victim with the simplest necessary medical measures to save his/her life, reduce suffering and prevent the development of possible complications. Professionally, such assistance is provided, of course, by doctors, but besides them, police officers and rescuers are obliged to master first aid techniques.

But, as life shows, situations requiring emergency medical care most often arise unexpectedly, in conditions of lack of time and often in the absence of people with medical education. Therefore, when every second is precious, it is important not to panic and to act quickly and decisively for everyone in such situations who became their participant.

It is important to remember that first aid is especially effective during the first so-called golden hour. During this period of time the maximum compensatory functions of the human body, which has received sudden and serious injuries, effectively maintain its stable state.

That is why the time factor is of great importance in providing first aid to the victim. It is believed that if a person is taken to the hospital within the first hour after injury, this helps to ensure the highest survival rate and a significant reduction in the risk of developing complications after the injury. Therefore, in modern conditions of society’s life, emergency medical care remains one of the decisive factors in saving the lives of people around the world.

However, not always the ambulance can arrive on time at the scene. Therefore, the ability of each of us is to provide the first necessary aid to the victim before the arrival of the rescue services that can play a decisive role in saving a person’s life. It is important to realize that no one is insured against accidents, and tomorrow anybody may be in the victim’s place.