1 October – International Day of Older Persons


On 1 October, the whole world celebrates the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Older Persons. During this holiday older persons are under the attention.

The holiday was established by the UN initiate in December 1990. This date is like the impetus to eliminate negative attitude with the respect to older persons and to fight against the stereotypes about old age. So, it is safe to say that this holiday has more and more positive view every year. That’s why the importance of the holiday is increasing, traditions of its celebration are strengthened and outcomes of the work of social services are summed up. The main attention is being given to poor older persons, disabled pensioners.

Holding different concerts, festivals in early October with the aim to give pleasure to older citizens has become a tradition of this holiday. For the first time, the International Day of Older Persons was celebrated by Scandinavian people, and after a while, the USA made a decision to establish a particular day in a year for pensioners. And soon, this celebration has been internationalized.

Congresses and conferences are held on this day to draw attention to the older people’s problems, on which, in particular, issues on the protection of the older population are discussed. The UN Secretary-General has a speech with the appealing to ensure and respect older persons’ rights all over the world. Public organizations and funds organize multiple volunteer campaigns on this day.

Annually, during the International Day of Older Persons, the new topic which makes possible to look at the issues of the older population of the Earth is chosen, that helps to concentrate on a particular aspect of this issue, as with a lot of other holidays, which were established by the UN. The core of attention, at different times, was, for example, such issues like the improvement of living standards of older persons, protection of their rights, interaction of generations, and also problems that make worried older citizens.

The International Day of Older Persons is a great reason for everybody to say words of thanks to your relatives, loved ones, colleagues.

The Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR appeals citizens to be attentive to the problems of older persons, and also to love, respect and take care of their older relatives.